Themis IP30 Touchscreen Label Printing Scale

  • $3,495.00

The Themis IP30 touchscreen label printing scale is a state of the art retail scale designed for use in the busiest supermarkets, butcheries, groceries, small retail shops, and chain food stores.

Featuring a 10” touchscreen HD interactive colour display, the IP series allows for easy product management directly on the scale. Its embedded Linux operating systems and PC-based back office software provide full versatility allowing for highly customizable retail solutions.

Model Capacity x Precision (Dual Range) Pan Size
IP30-15 6 kg x 2 g (0-3 kg x 1 g) 380mm x 272mm
IP30-30 15 kg x 5 g (0-6 kg x 2 g) 380mm x 272mm
IP30-60 30 kg x 10 g (0-15 kg x 5 g) 380mm x 272mm

Featuring a resistive touch screen operating display , the IP30 touchscreen label printing scale‘s embedded operating system allows to make fully customizable staff or admin user interfaces.

Easy to use, when in staff interface, products may be selected onscreen or using the alpha numeric keyboard to quickly search the IP30’s 99,999 PLU database .

Admin interface allow access to products details and reports allowing for quick product updates and other management operations directly on scale.

IP30 Touchscreen label printing scale user interface

Supporting multiple languages, the IP30 touchscreen labelling scale comes standard with WIFI communication for a seamless interface with its PC based back-office software.

• 10.1” HD resistive touchscreen operating display with 1280×800 resolution
• 7” HD customer display allowing customized promotional pictures, product pictures  and videos
• Embedded Linux operating system and back office management software
• Measurement units: kg, g, lbs, oz, 100g, 1/2 lb and more
• ABS housing with 277 x 385 mm / 11” x 15” stainless steel platter
• Built in thermal printer with removable label cassettes
• Fully customizable CFIA compliant label and nutritional value table formats
• 58mm width continuous or precut labels, supports standard and linerless labels
• Standard 10/100 Ethernet and WIFI communication interface
• Other interfaces:  1 x USB port,  1 x RJ45 (ethernet) and RS-232 interface

Back Office Software:
User-friendly, the back office software allows you to create customized labels, and manage UIs (User Interfaces), product updates, promotional videos & pictures updates, report management as well as data import & export to multiple scales and departments.

IP30 touchscreen label printing scale back office software details

Warranty: Manufacturer’s 2 year limited warranty

Measurement Canada Approval: