About Us

Nestled in the Ottawa Valley, Valley Scales is specialized in the sales, maintenance, and repair of light to mid industrial, commercial, laboratory and medical scales and balances.

Why purchase your scale from us:
All scales sold by Valley Scales are verified and calibrated with certified weights prior to shipping.

Manufacturer authorized service center 

With over 35 years experience in the maintenance of industrial and laboratory scales, our affiliated service center provides comprehensive services for the majority of established manufacturers. 

We also assure warranty services, coordinating  manufacturer claims on your behalf and effect most warranty repairs locally.

Traceable Calibration certificates and Measurement Canada legal for trade certifications and renewals. 
HACCP, ISO, SQF, USFDA compliant certificates with Measurement Canada or NIST traceable standards are available on all purchases. Valley Scales also provides Measurement Canada legal for trade certification as an option on the majority of Measurement Canada approved scales sold.