Rice Lake DeckHand Portable Stainless Steel Platform

Rice Lake DeckHand Portable Stainless Steel Platform

  • $5,795.00

Move the DeckHand to any part of a facility and be instantly ready to weigh accurately. The platform is designed to weigh perfectly on all corners. Off-centre product loading will not affect weighing accuracy. DeckHand wheels only touch the floor when the unit is tilted back for movement allowing the weighing platform to remain stable on uneven floors. 

• 250 kg to 1,000 kg / 500 lbs to 2,000 lb

• 31" x 41" / 78.7 cm x 104.1 cm

Stainless steel wheeled frame, base and mast
• Diamond tread top plate, stainless steel
• 500 lb, 1,000 lb, 2,000 lb capacity
• Large rubber wheels (not rated for IS) simplify movement on uneven floors
• Two IP67 aluminum load cells

Measure Canada Approvals: 

• 1-year limited warranty

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