Pennsylvania 7500/7600+ Weighing Indicators

Pennsylvania 7500/7600+ Weighing Indicators

  • $1,065.00

Outstanding flexibility and performance with many standard features; ideal universal replacement indicators for whatever you weigh or count. Technician-friendly set-up and Sustained Accuracy™ make these ideal for new installations or field replacement using existing platforms or load cells. 

• Display: Red 0.56" high intensity LED
• Stainless steel enclosure and U-bracket mount
• Technician’s dream indicator, fast set-up
• Fully compatible with existing load cell platforms and systems
• One button counting
• Automatic Sample Update™ for superb results
• Powerful 16-bit microprocessor for speed and accuracy
• Audit Trail accountability feature/front panel access
• Off-the-shelf flexibility for a wide range of applications
• Count or weight setpoints for sequential batching (7600)
• 16,777,216 INTERNAL COUNTS + 60 Updates/Second
• PLUS+ Series universal main board for direct interchange
• Calibration protected by Access Code to prevent unauthorized access
• True HD power cord for industrial applications
• Quick disconnect or sealed cable entry for load cell wiring
• Programmable addressable RS-232
• Programmable data string, option setting
• Time/Date (7600)
...and more.

Limited 4-year manufacturer's warranty