Kilotech LE.3K Labelling Scale

Kilotech LE.3K Labelling Scale

  • $1,975.00

The label printing scale that optimizes the business of the independent grocer.

With its user friendly operating software, the LE3K allows easy label and product management assuring conformance to all labelling requirements including detailed ingredients and nutritional value tables. Versatile and economical, it is an ideal price labelling solutions for small business start-up to the busiest independant grocer.

Plug and Play Package (+$295):
Receive your scale ready to use with our Plug and Play option. Option includes initial label format programming with logo when desired, product upload to scale via excel, remote management software installation, network configuration, and user training.

Internet connection, wifi network and Windows 10 OS required for remote installations and support.

• Dual range: 0 to 15 kg x 2 g / 15 to 30 kg x 10 g 
• Dual range: 0 to 30 lb x 0.005 lb / 30 to 60 lb x 0.02 lb

Pan Size:
 390mm x 250mm / 15.5" x 10"

• Weighing units: lb / kg
• Pricing units: $/kg , $/100g, $/lb, pcs
• Pole mounted, window displays including 4 LED screens and a dot matrix text screen for PLU descriptions
• Direct Thermal Print
• Display digits: 4 digit Tare / 5 digit Weight / 6 digit Unit Price / 6 digit Total Price
• Maximum 6500 PLUs (maximum 875 characters per PLU)
• Direct Thermal Print
• Maximum 15 images compatible with all common image files: BMP, JPEG, TFT, etc.
• 13 formats including 1 Nutritional Facts Label (1 CDN, 1 USA), 3 size gap labels and store up to 32 modified (customized) label formats. Many more size options available for customized labels
• Multiple barcode formats
• Power supply: 21V DC, AC adapter
• Interfaces: USB (data transfer only), WI-FI, Ethernet and serial port

Technical Support: Advanced support is available via remote connection at $87.50/hr.  Internet connection, wifi network and Windows 10 OS required for remote installations and support.

    Measurement Canada Approvals: #AM-5818 rev. 2

    *Legal for trade certification for the Retail Food sector are renewable on a 5 year basis

    • 2-year manufacturer's warranty

    Specifications:    User Manual: