Themis Astrea QHW Legal for Trade Precision Bench Scales

Themis Astrea QHW Legal for Trade Precision Bench Scales

  • $695.00

The Themis' Astrea QHW series Legal for trade precision bench scales are an ideal solution for the precise commercial weighing of high value products.

Measurement Canada Approved at 6,000 divisions, with a large weighing platter and 1g, 2g and 5g legal readabilities, the QHWs are designed for the precise weighing of larger quantities of high value commodities. Multi-functional, the AQHW are approved for industrial, wholesale or retail use with applications ranging from prepackaging and check weighing of standard quantity products, industrial and food processing applications requiring precision on larger quantities to general retail use..

Also available in a high precision version (0.1g to 0.2g readability) for industrial and production applications, the Astrea QHW series are an economical, reliable solution for all precision weighing applications.

Legal for trade capacities and readabilty:
• QHW-12M: 6kg x 1g / 12 lbs x 0.002 lbs
• QHW-30M: 12kg x 2g / 25 lbs x 0.005 lbs
• QHW-60M: 30kg x 5g / 60 lbs x 0.01 lbs (Back order for 30kg x 5g legal  see QTP-60)

High precision capacities and readabilty:
• QHW-15K: 15kg x 0.1g / 30 lbs x 0.0002 lbs
• QHW-30K: 30kg x 0.2g / 60 lbs x 0.0005 lbs

Click following link for high precision pricing:  Astrea A-QHW High Precision Bench Scale

Pan Size:
• 230 x 300mm / 9.1 x 11.8

• 24mm digit LCD display with white LED backlight
• Removeable plastic dust/splash cover
• 7-key membrane keyboard
• Multiple weighing units: kg, g, lbs, oz, c, and more
• ABS plastic housing
• AC adapter (12V/500mA), internal rechargeable battery (6V/4Ah), up to 70 hour charge (without backlight)
• Optional RS-232 interface
• Application: percentage weighing, counting, accumulation, weighing unit conversion
• Checkweighing - user can set hi/low limit for weighing, counting, percentage)


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